Rollover hair
Mainly take the operation of turning. Hold the root of the hair curtain with the rib brush, bring the hair root forward, and blow the hair with the hair. The rib brush with the tip of the hair is turned diagonally or backward. The hair dryer continuously sends the air with the movement of the hair brush, making the hair root stand, hair Tip to the side or backward. When turning the brush, divide the hair layer by layer, and then comb through and then send the wind. Hair drape requirements: hair roots stand up, hairs are smooth, hairs flow backwards or sideways.
First divide the hair into left and right parts, use the rib brush to pick up the root of one side of the hair curtain, the hair dryer sends the wind, and after the hair root stands, the hair brush with the hair tip combs to the outside, the hair dryer sends the wind with the movement of the hair brush Side hair is the same. Hair drape requirements: The slits should not be too long, the sides of the slit should be as close as possible, the slit should be thin and clear, and the hair should be smooth.I-tip Hair Free Sample