Suction all kinds of chemical etchant, oil, mud, cleaning oil. Pneumatic diaphragm pump connection between the spacer support body of the column and the diaphragm is of good sealing and fastness, which can prevent the liquid from contacting the central shaft and avoid the risk of inflammability and explosion, widely used to pump cleanly waste oil and grease oil transfer.
SP pneumatic diaphragm pump has a stable and efficient performance performance, and widely recognized by users. Multifunctional solutions have multiplexed applications. At the same time, there are a variety of pump materials and installation methods to choose from. No matter what kind of working condition comes from any industry, Seficopower always has a suitable pump to meet the on-site application needs of customers.
SP AODD Performance Curve:
SP Metallic Diaphragm Pump performance:
ModelMax Flow
Max Pressure
(psi/bar)Max Solids
(mm)Wetted EndSuction Lift(m)
1/2'' B0560/16NPT/BSP125/8.63Cast Iron/Aluminum/Stainless Steel4.15(Dry)/7.62(Wet)
1'' B10174/46NPT/BSP125/8.66Cast Iron/Aluminum/Stainless Steel4.57(Dry)/7.62(Wet)
1 1/2 B15430/107NPT/BSP125/8.66Cast Iron/Aluminum/Stainless Steel5.30(Dry)/7.62(Wet)
2'' B20660/151NPT/BSP125/8.66Cast Iron/Aluminum/Stainless Steel6.10(Dry)/7.62(Wet)
3'' B30968/236NPT/BSP125/8.69.6Cast Iron/Aluminum/Stainless Steel6.20(Dry)/7.62(Wet)
Installation Size of SP Metallic Model B10M
The pump size we can offer is 100% compatible with brand Sandpiper, Wilden and Aro.
Pump Features:
- No complex control system, no cables, fuses, etc., safe and reliable.
- Small compress air consumption, lower air leakage: According to the size of the pump,
the throttle ring and U-Cup are designed to reduce the air consumption
- Self-Protection: Once overload, the pump will automatically stop, with self-protection performance,
when the load returned to normal, the pump can automatically start operation.
- It has many advantages of self-priming pump, submersible pump, shield pump, mud pump and impurity pump.
Pump Applications:
- Oil transfer
- Fuel transfer
- Machine coolant
- Auto wash
Food Processing
- Food packaging
- Product transfer
- Low degradation requirement
- Wine fermentation
- Municipal portable utility
- Neutralize wastewater
- Waste activated sludge
- Thickened sludge
- Belt press feed
- Pigment milling
- Paint filtration
- Mixing tanks
- Filling machine
- Tank transfer
Why Choose Us
- All pumps 100% wet tested after final assembly
- Professional Service
- Factory direct supply
- Stable Sock and fast delivery
- OEM is applicableAluminum AODD Pump pricelist