About Us
ZHEJIANG BAFFERO DRIVING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD (ZHEJIANG DONGFANG DRIVING MACHINE CO.,LTD is a member of China transmission Association , the company has been dedicated to the development, manufacturing and sale of reducer since 1993.
For more than 26 years, we committed to product development and talent reservation adhering to the concept of people-oriented and technological innovation.
We always provide customers with firstclass and reliable transmission equipment. Our main product is planetary gear reducer, industry helical gearbox, elevator and other series products. Its鈥?widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting and conveying engineering, environmental engineering, petrochemical, plastics, food packaging and other industries. With excellent quality and good reputation, BAFFERO products become the good choice of clients and exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other area.
Our Certificate
Company Development History
1993, YONGJIA DONGFANG GEAR REDUCER MACHINERY CO.,LTD, mainly produce MB and X series gearbox.
2002, start producing R銆丗銆並銆丼 gear reducer and established our sales network all over the country.
2004, changed name as ZHEJIANG DONGFANG DRIVING MACHINE CO.,LTD, start producing HB 銆?DP gear reducer and foreign trade
2013, found ZHEJIANG BAFFERO DRIVING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD in LISHUI CITY, start producing N &DXG gear reducer.
Keep constantly developing as more than 200 professional employees and strong technical and production team
We have agencies in main cities of each provinces and will grow our sales network over the country, to provide better and more convenient service.
Products sold in more than 40 countries worldwide, including Europe and the United States accounted for 15% of each market, the Asian market accounted for 45%.
With BAFFERO , for better future
Old factory
New factoryCustomized Three Phases Linear Valve Actuator