In recent years, more and more rare animals are extinct, and scientists are also working to protect these animals that may be extinct. One of the effective methods is to preserve the stem cells of these species. Put the stem cell in the liquid nitrogen tank to freeze it is the best way at present. Usually, these stem cell are freezed in static storage use large capacity liquid nitrogen, but sometimes when it is needed to transferred, the small capacity liquid nitrogen tank is very suitable.
Maximum Storage Capacity
1.2 & 2 ml Vials (Internally Threaded)364003920042000
Number of Large Racks 100 cell boxes242426
Number of Mini Racks 25 cell boxes161616
Number of Shelves per Rack131414
LN2 Capacity/gal192.85210.55210.55
LN2 Capacity Under Tray/gal35.1335.1335.13
Static Hold Time鈥擵apor days202020
Static Hold Time鈥擫iquid Full days112118118
Unit Dimensions
Neck Opening (in.)17.5217.5217.52
Usable Internal Height (in.)28.7430.7130.71
Inner Diameter (in.)38.5838.5838.58
Overall Height (in.)61.0263.1963.19
Door Width Requirement (in.)42.1342.1342.13
Weight Empty (lb.)767.21782.64782.64
Weight Liquid Full (lb.)2076.752213.442213.44
Blood Bag Capacities/Frame of Bags/Number of Frames
Liquid Nitrogen Freezer factory