Product description锛?/strong>
Hydraulic control valve is the use of water pressure control valve in the pipeline to open, close, open the size of the valve, is a labor saving, energy saving automatic valve. Widely used in irrigation, high-rise buildings, fire systems, municipal water supply and drainage, electricity and other water supply network systems.With water level automatic control, decompression, pressure relief, pressure, adjustment, check, eliminate water hammer, switch and other functions.Also according to different needs, the attached pipeline and pilot valve can be replaced to achieve the required functions.
Design specification:
Valve name:Steel Hydraulic control valve
Design criteria:GB/T 10869
Nominal size:DN50---DN2000锛?----80鈥?/p>
Nominal pressure:0.6---2.5(Mpa)
Applicable medium:The temperature is -20 ~ 120鈩?water
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